Fox woodland Nursery Custom Sign

Regular price $75.00

 This Woodland Nursery sign comes ready to hang in your childs room. It comes with your choice of fonts and stain and name color!

  In 5-7 business days your will receive a digital mock up for your approval. If you would like to see more then one font. Thats okay! Just leave enter the fonts you wish to see in your mock ups and a member of our team will send them over. 
* Signs are currently shipping in 10-15 business days. If there is no reply to a mock up sent then the order will be created as its entered into the website so as not to delay your order. If more then one font option is requested then the order will be put on hold until we hear back.

· First I create your sign using light weight 1/4" birch wood it will measure 19" across and 19" high. Please note it is laser cut so the edges will have brown edges

If you would like a custom size please contact me.

· I then laser cut The Name, Fox and Flowers that you select in 1/8" and 1/4" birch wood and then paint in the color you select.

· Hangers are installed on the back for easy hanging.