Cloth Face Masks With Filter Pocket

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Masks are "basic barrier' masks and will not completely keep out viruses or other microscopic organisms. These masks are intended to be used to reduce the wearer's exposure to human droplets (caused by coughing, sneezing and speaking) and to help prevent others from being exposed to droplets originating from the wearer.

100% double layer cotton

Interior Pocket For Filter Insert *Filter Not Included*

Draw Strings for adjustable fit

Will ship within three (3) business days of order


Purchaser understands that this mask is not a full proof prevention against Covid-19 or any other contagious disease . Fire Pigs Designs takes assumes no liability, either expressed or implied, nor claims that these masks will prevent the wearer from contracting any disease. As such, purchaser agrees that Fire Pigs Designs cannot be held liable for any illness or other consequence that the wearer may be subjected to while wearing this product. 

 Please understand because of the nature of these items there are no returns or exchanges Thank you!