Bear Nursery Name Sign Personalized

Regular price $40.50

Bear Nursery Name Sign Personalized comes completely customized to you!

 Choose your stain and Name colors to match your nursry

 * 19" long and 7" high (Custom sizes available please contact us for a quote)
*Size of Name will slightly vary depending on length of name
*Not a detail is over looked in the creation of the name signs. First we take brand new wood and sand it. Then it is stained the color of your choice and then sealed with a matte top. Then it is all assembled together. Backing is screwed together with high quality wood screws. You choice of name is painted in the color that you select and then is laser cut. Once it is laser cut it is glued to the top using a high quality wood glue.
* Color and grain will vary slightly due to the differences in each wood board used.