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Everyone knows that showing support for your school and showing school spirit is a fun part of academic life. What everyone might not know is how much work teachers, coaches and staff have to put in in order to place an order of spirit/team wear.


How Orders Are Done Now


A design is drawn up. Order forms need to be made. Order forms need to be printed. Order Forms need to be given to staff. Order forms need to be passed out to students (hoping that the forms actually make it home to the parents). Order forms need to be collected from the students by teachers or coaches (Hoping the forms are filled out right and that none of the forms or money got lost between home and the school). Order forms and money need to be turned in to the appropriate staff member. Then the money needs to be counted and compared against the order form to ensure that everything is properly paid for. Turning the order forms and money in to the printer.


Teachers, staff and coaches are already overworked without having even more piled on their plates. Having worked with schools and athletic teams, we understand how much work (and headaches) are involved in getting students cool, high quality gear they'd love to wear. 


That's why we've decided to start offering Pop Up Stores!


When you open a Pop Up Store, the only thing you need to worry about is:


Telling us what your design is and how many products you want in your store


How much of a mark up you want to the products (if any)


How long you want the store to stay open.


That's it!  We'll do the rest!


What is a Pop Up Store?


A Pop Up Store is a short term, online store specifically created for your school or team. Everyone orders and pays online (eliminating the need for paper order forms). Your completed orders then arrive at the school at once, individually labeled for super easy distribution.


Pop Up Stores saves you valuable time and makes the ordering process easier for everyone. Parents will love how easy it is to browse products, order and pay at their convenience and allows them to pay securely online with credit or debit cards. Teachers and coaches will love that they no longer have to worry about cash or checks being passed from parents to students to teachers to the office before a check gets made to the printer. Pop Up Stores eliminate all of the middle men so that teachers and coaches can focus on their jobs instead of being couriers.


We're doing a fundraiser, would a Pop Up Store work for that?


It sure will!


When we set up a Pop Up Store for your fundraiser, we'll tell you what our price is for printing the merchandise then you tell us how much of a markup you want. Once all the orders are received, we'll draw a check for the difference and deliver it to you with the completed products.


How do I set up a Pop Up Store?


* Email your design or contact us to create a design for you.


* If we create a design for you, a mock up will be sent for your approval before we continue.


* Let us know what products you want to have in your store (T-shirts, hoodies, hats, tumblers etc).


* Choose at least two products to have in your store.


* Let us know how many days you'd like the store to stay open.


* Your store will be open within one week.


* Once the store closes, processing will begin immediately and the products will be delivered within 7-10 days of the products arriving from our supplier.


Contact us at and let's talk about how a Pop Up Store would benefit you!



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