Photo Engraved Ornament

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This listing comes with custom Photo Engraved Ornament with your photo!
Ornament measures 4.5" either tall or wide depending on what works best for your picture.

To Order:
select thickness of Birch wood you would like it engraved on
add to cart
Any Special message you would like engraved at the bottom of the ornament
When you are done ordering please use the conversation and send me the photo you would like engraved.

Picking your photo
- The higher the resolution your photo is, the better your engraving will be.
- If your photo image is blurry, your engraving will be blurry, please don't take a picture of a picture. You will be disappointed
- Very light or very dark photos do not engrave as well. Contrast in a photo is highly recommended.
- Always choose the largest size/resolution when sending your photos.
- If your unsure a certain photo will work please send me a conversation with the photo and I would be happy to take a look at it for you.