Medium Matters for your Screen Printing

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Knowing what's in your garments and where they're made can make or break the message you're trying to convey.


When it comes to printing your logo or design on a shirt, the shirt itself can send as large of a message as the image going on it. That can work in your favor or completely send the opposite message than one you were intending. 

For example, Imagine a workers rights group getting their message or logo printed on shirts that were made in a sweat shop. Or a childrens advocacy  group wearing shirts that were created using child labor. A company that markets itself as being "All American" while wearing shirts that were made in China. Or an environmentally conscious group wearing 100% polyester shirts.

They all send the same conflicting message as the vegan protesting against using animals for food while wearing leather boots. The medium cancels out and kills any impact the message may have had and will most likely present your business or group as hypocritical and not one to be taken seriously.

When ordering shirts to have your design printed on, don't be afraid to let your printer know what message you're trying to convey and what values you hold. Ask your printer to provide garment options that align with the message you're trying to get across.

If you pride yourself on being a company that is 'American Made', ask for shirts that are made in America. If you belong to a group that works for the betterment of children, make sure your garments are not made in a country that uses child labor, etc.

Your printer should be able to provide garment options that align with your values and the message you're trying to get across but they can't do that unless you provide them with the proper information. 

While it's understandable that many people and businesses shop with cost and affordability in mind, going with what's cheapest made end up costing you far more in the long run if the message you're conveying is completely opposite of the one you want. 

The price difference between most garments is only between a few cents to a couple of dollars so spending a little more, but maintaining your brand and the integrity of your message, is money well spent. 

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Dave Plaza is the owner of Fire Pigs Designs screen printing located in Woodland, Washington.


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